“Neftekhimik” “Kunun”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Once upon a time, in a past life, the warship on which I had the honor to serve was assigned to transport the boat of the commander of the Pacific Fleet from one basing point to another. At first we thought that there would be no problems: we would pick it up "by the nostril", but we would tow it calmly, but that was not the case. Outrageously white, with blue and red stripes, the boat was hoisted by crane to our helipad and ordered to carry it like this. Before leaving, the first mate examined the ship from the shore and said that this foreign white body looks, as I quote, "the wart of my mother's pussy".

Approximately the same on the body of our hockey looks, forgive me, Lord, "Kunlun", from which only the Chinese name remains. Since no one is going to return him to China (he is well fed here too), then nothing extraordinary should be expected in this direction. The selection there took place according to the residual principle, in fact, it is half a VHL team. Therefore, everyone who is not lazy should beat Kunlun in the coming season, and it fell to Neftekhimik to start this charitable deed, and even in front of their fans.

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True, last season Nizhnekamsk residents themselves stumbled on both feet and basically did not play, but suffered, which is surprising for a representative of such a thoroughly pro-hockey republic. I hope that this season club number 2 will no longer be treated at home according to the principle "The cat abandoned the kittens - let them ... walk as they want". And certainly the available forces and means should be enough to start the season with your head held high.

Therefore, we write down: the victory of "Neftekhimik" in regulation time and with an advantage of at least two goals.

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