Russia – Croatia: prediction and rate by Eduard Mohr

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The long-awaited game, I haven't been so worried for a long time - Russia - Croatia, Valery Karpin's first match, expectations are very high.

You need to understand that Croats are strong and they need to win, but they have problems. Modric will not play. Usually, if he does not play, then Vlai takes over his functions, but as you know, he moved to West Ham and was engaged in the conclusion of a contract, so he could not fully prepare for this game. He is responsible for creativity in the center of the field, for how the game will develop.

Valery Karpin understands perfectly well what did not suit the Russian national team in the game - a very careful play from defense, as a rule, on a pole. The problem was that if strong defenders of the European level played against us, they did not allow us to do anything when casting to Dziuba and Zabolotny. It is unlikely that Zabolotny will appear in the squad, rather the bet will be made on mobile footballers, on technique and speed.

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Experienced guys will play in defense - Dzhikia, Diveev, Fernandez and, most likely, Karavaev. In the center will play two defensive midfielders Zobnin with Barinov or Mukhin. There are options ahead, but I would assume that the stake will be placed on the Dynamo pairing Zakharyan - Tyukavin. The game from our side will not be too open, but it will be aggressive and fast. I have no doubt that there will be a lurch towards the attack.

My prediction - both will score. Croatians, whatever their problems, a strong team that will play for a goal. But our team will score at least one goal.

I will be on stream during the match - connect, we will discuss. I think we will be in a good mood after the game. See you!

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