Checklist for Writing Term Papers

Term papers are one the most important kinds of academic work you can do. A term paper is typically an academic study paper written by students on an academic term that is specified typically for credit, which reflects on the primary aspect to which they are leading the class. Merriam Webster defines it as "a formal written assignment (usually approximately 500 words) that provides information and is a basis for one or more main views on a subject or topic of current interest." It is basically the essay that helps your professor decide which concepts and ideas are important and worthy of your grade. It is often the basis of an assignment, possibly the sole basis for your grade!

Writing term papers requires you to do extensive research on the topic. A majority of your research will be focused on the subject and only that. Write an article, research the topic and then write a least 500 words for each subject. It is also very important to understand that the entire assignment may be graded on one or more paragraphs.

The main component of your assignment is the introduction. This is the time to write your thesis statement. The topic of your essay is the main focus of your thesis statement. It is usually a short summary of the research you conducted on the subject. It should not be the only element that defines your essay. Although you can include as many definitions as you like to your subject in your thesis, you must make sure that they are supported by your research.

The body of your term papers will be the summaries of the paragraphs

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